Honeywell YJ4620 Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner

Honeywell YJ4620 wireless two-dimensional code scanning gun is an ergonomic design and economical and durable in the low-end two-dimensional image scanner, excellent solution 4620 performance, excellent solution YJ4620 can be widely used in many occasions. Can be widely used Many occasions, as civil aviation, high-speed rail, banking and securities, electronic ticketing and logistics, manufacturing and other industries the best choice. If you are looking for a high quality, low cost two-dimensional image scanner, the YJ4620 will be your best choice


  • Cost-effective: low price, superior performance
  • Lightweight, user- friendly design: fast and sensitive scanning, beautiful and smooth appearance, feel comfortable and natural, ergonomic design
  • Multi-scan mode: both support the commonly used manual mode, also supports fixed scan mode to get automatic detection, automatic scanning applications
  • Unique decoding technology: the introduction of international top decoding technology, accurate and efficient for a variety of one-dimensional, two-dimensional code decoding
  • Reliable data acquisition: support all standard one-dimensional and mainstream two-dimensional code system, but also can read the screen (such as mobile phones) in the bar code

Protect future investments: Provide two-dimensional code scanning at a low price, one device to meet current and future barcode scanning needs

Physical parameters 
Volume (L x W x H): 1
 70mm x 66mm x 85mm 
Weight:  120g

Electrical parameters 
Input voltage:
  4 ~ 5.5 V DC 
Operating power:  2W; 400 mA @ 5V - Typical 
standby power:  0.45w, 90mA @ 5V- Typical  
DC power supply:  Class2; 5.2VDC@1A  
EMC Electromagnetic compatibility: EN55022, EN55024 class B 
LED Safety Certification: IEC62471 
CB:  IEC60950 
comprehensive certification: GOST-R (Russia), CE

Environmental parameters 
Operating Temperature:
  0 [deg.] C - 40 [deg.] C 
Storage temperature:  -40 [deg.] C - 60 [deg.] C 
Humidity:  5% -95% relative humidity, non-condensing 
illumination:  0 - 100,000 lux 
shock resistance:  can withstand a 1 meter Air drop 
dust:  sealed to resist air dust invasion 
IP rating: IP40 
motion tolerance: 100 mm per second 13 mil UPC

: Light source:
 white LED 
sight: red LED, 617nm 
indicator: green = decoding successful; red = decoding failure 
system interface: KBW, USB 
scan type:  image 
scanning angle: pitch ± 70 °, tilt ± 60 °, ± 180 ° 
Recognizable printing contrast:  minimum 35% contrast 
decoding capability:  interpretation of standard one-dimensional, two-dimensional bar code

Typical performance

Bar code density

Depth of field

5 mil Code39

33 - 95 mm (1.3 - 3.7 in.)

13 mil UPC-A

32 - 255 mm (1.3 - 10.0 in.)

20 mil Code 39

35 - 355 mm (1.4 - 14.0 in.)

6.7 mil PDF417

30 - 95 mm (1.2 - 3.7 in.)

10mil Data Matrix

30 - 100 mm (1.2 - 3.9 in.)

15mil Data Matrix

21 -162 mm (0.8 -6.4 in.)

20mil QR

23 -200 mm (0.9 -7.9 in.)

Resolution: 4 mil