Scanhero Barcode Scanner SL8371

ScanHero SL-8371 USB Barcode Scanner is super light weight with comfortable grip. Equipped with Honeywells patented CodeGate and CodeSense technology that can be used in a wide variety of applications.
৳ 7,500.00

Performance & Specs:

  • Scan pattern single scan line
  • Interface type: USB PS/2
  • Scannng type: laser
  • Quality: Honeywell’s patented CodeGate
  • Light source 65010nm
  • Power 0.600mW
  • Scan width 64mm(2.5")@face;102mm(4.0")@38mm(1.5")
  • Scan speed 722 times/sec
  • Scan depth 0mm-64mm for 0.33 mm(13 mil) bar codes
  • Minimum width 0.102mm4.0mil
  • Code all standard bar code including RSS
  • Interface RS232PC Keyboard Wedge Light Pen Emulation
  • Scanner weight is under 1lb